Epic Lighting LLC Named to the 2015 Hawaii’s Fastest 50

That’s right: Epic Lighting LLC was included in the prestigious list published by Pacific Business News that celebrates the top 50 fastest-growing companies across the state of Hawai’i (!!).

PBN compiles this list each year based on the percentage increase in a business’ revenue over a two-year span, in this case from 2012 – 2014. Epic Lighting LLC increased its revenue by 34.36% during this period, which is what garnered Epic the #50 slot!

It is no coincidence that Epic Lighting claimed a spot on PBN’s Fastest 50 when it did. In 2012, the company expanded when founder Keith Langlois invited Aleta Lee and Ben Alvarez to join as co-owners. This strategic move brought with it the benefits of over 40 years of combined experience and talent in the field of event lighting, lighting design, set building/design, event planning, sales and marketing.

Epic was the only event lighting company to be included in the top 50 list, and one of just 5 entities that are based on Maui.

Whether dealing in food, ecotourism, auto, pest control, massage, construction, or healthcare, the majority of the Fastest 50 celebrated companies shared similar opinions as to what attributed to their success:

  • an unwavering focus on the client
  • strong company culture and appreciation for their hard-working and talented employees
  • strategic partnerships
  • acting upon new opportunities for growth

Not surprisingly, Aleta’s insights into what contributed to Epic Lighting’s growth likewise reflect these same principles:

The biggest contributing factor to my company’s growth: Our commitment to our core values; being Hawaii’s first and only Green Business Certified ambient, event and stage lighting company, we believe that our integrity, empathy, work ethic, and our strong commitment to sustainability of our environment and our community’s well-being, along with our drive toward innovation, have created a strong foundation for success in all of our business dealings.

The biggest opportunity for growth over the next year: Based on the current economic forecast for 2016, along with industry related analytics and our own in-house research team — which all contribute to our company’s strategic planning — we believe that our biggest opportunity for growth over the next year will be found in our continued dedication towards innovation and our commitment to the sustainability of our industry and our environment.”

as published in Pacific Business News, August 21, 2015

And so while we hold this accolade in high regard, it by no means exclusively defines our sense of success. We look at the community we have built around us, the values we adhere to wherever we do business, and the principles by which we operate to be the benchmarks for our company.

We also very much value the long list of partners and clients we have had the honor and pleasure of working with over the years. As a result of their trust and support, we have built a repertoire of work we are truly proud of.

As we continue on to the second half of 2016, we cannot wait to see what the Future holds and how our company, and the community that surrounds us, will continue to grow and evolve. Stay tuned!